June 2, 2020

Twitter Account Of CEO Jack Dorsey Hacked

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With worldwide 321 million users, Twitter is the place where leaders, celebrities, social media influencers connect with people from around the globe. On Friday, August 30, 2019, the famous hacker group “Chuckle Squad” hacked the twitter account of Jack Dorsey (founder and CEO of Twitter). His Twitter account was in control of hackers for over 30 minutes. After this, several people in the social media questioned Twitter about the concern of data protection and hacking. Several users doubted how the two-factor authentication didn’t help secure Jack’s Twitter account from getting hacked.

A few hours later, the official account of “Twitter Communication” also confirmed the incident. Jack’s Twitter account was used by hackers to post several racist and derogatory tweets. Another tweet was made by the hackers spreading rumors about a bomb in Twitter headquarters. Twitter quickly recovered Jacks’ account and removed all the racist tweets and retweets. Twitter also deleted numerous accounts that were under suspicion of hacking. According to twitter officials, hackers took over his account by breaking the two step-authentication from the phone number associated with Jack’s Twitter account.

The responsibility of hacking was taken by “Chuckle Squad.” This group is known for targeting several You-Tubers and celebrities. They recently took control over the James Charles account. Jack’s account was hacked at that event when Twitter announced its fight against hate speech and abuse in its platform.

Jack has around 4.2 million followers. His account was hacked earlier in 2016, as well. Both of these incidents are quite embarrassing for Twitter. These repeated incidents questions the security and privacy issue of Twitter. Twitter officials reported that Hackers didn’t breach the Twitter systems but used a technique called sim swapping to control Jack’s phone. The officials have blamed the mobile operator for it.

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