June 2, 2020

Researchers Express Concern As Amazon Rainforest Is Burning From Past Three Weeks

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The Amazon rainforest in South America is burning rapidly from the past three weeks. Several meteorologists and researchers claim that this fire is human-induced and probably caused by loggers and cattle herders. This forest is known as the lungs of the earth as it is responsible for the production of 20% Oxygen on earth. Overall, 72,000 forest fires have been reported this year in the Amazon rainforest, claimed by INPE. This figure is quite higher than the last year. NASA posted a satellite image of the forest fire on twitter in which many states of Brazil can be seen covered in smoke.

The whole twitter is trending with #PrayForTheAmazon globally. People on social media are sharing tweets and expressing their concerns. People are asking for answers from Jair Bolsonaro(Brazilian president). But Bolsonaro has blamed NGOs for the forest fire. Many environmentalists like Leonardo DiCaprio have shown their concerns about it on social media. Leonardo also blamed the media for not expressing their concerns or covering this news from the past 16 days. The smoke is so much thick that the forest seems to have disappeared. According to the researchers, cattle ranching is liable for 80% of the deforestation rate.

Many people posted the pic of the sky of São Paulo(located 1700 miles away from the Amazon rainforest), which can be seen covered with dark smoke. The whole city was under daytime blackout. Amazon rainforest, spread in over 5.5 million km² is the home of 3 million species of plants and animals. This area is rich in biodiversity and responsible for keeping the earth green. However, various human practices have caused irreversible damage to the mother earth. Amazon is shrinking about the size of 1.5 soccer fields every day. Several researchers claim that farmers burn the forest for cattle grazing, and Bolsonaro has been accused of encouraging it. The consequences will be too bad to imagine in the future.

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