June 2, 2020

Over 2 Million People Sign To Storm Area 51 To See Aliens

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A few days ago, a Facebook event became viral in which millions of people signed up for storming the US Air Force military base. This military installation, commonly known as “Area 51,” is located in Nevada. The US Air Force has given warning to people not to trespass the base. The official Facebook group of the event is filled up with memes and funny battle plans. They seem to be eager to see the aliens.

This Facebook event was created a few weeks ago by a person named “Matty Roberts” as a Joke. But this event escalated quickly on social media, and as of now on 14th August 2019, around 2 Million people are going, and another 1.5 million people have signed up to Storm Area 51. However, he had to face the questions from the FBI as well. But luckily he wasn’t arrested.

The social media platforms are packed up with jokes and memes on Area 51. The description of the event is quite funny. It directs people to meet in “Rural Nevada” and to Naruto run to see the aliens. Around 2 million people have signed to enter the secret facility, which is guarded by heavy security. The US air-force officials have also expressed their concerns and have given an official statement as well as a stern warning to the people trying to attempt it.

Celebrities Come In Support

Several people around the globe are sharing their battle plans for raiding the facility. However, the original event creator Matty Roberts has advised people to take this event as Joke. Many actors and celebrities couldn’t control their excitement and gave signals of attending the “storming event.” Liam Cunningham, Swayne The Rock, Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr, and many other celebrities have posted their interest in this event. Moreover, many famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie have even given their reactions to this event.

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