June 2, 2020

Mama Cat Brings Sick Kitten To Hospital, Medics Rush To Help

mama cat
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Turkey, a magnificent city, is quite famous and is full of cats! There are cats everywhere in the town as people love and pet them. Why shouldn’t they?

However, due to the present worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the whole country is under lockdown.

Recently a Twitter user Merve Özcan posted pics of cats, which are becoming quite popular on social media. In the series of pics, a mama cat is carrying her sick baby kitten to the paramedics.

Waiting for her father in a local hospital in Istanbul, Merve Özcan didn’t expect the most unlikely patient.

mama cat

A Mama cat holding her tiny sick kitten with the scruff of her neck walked in the hospital ward confidently.

The unlikely furry patient caught the attention of everyone in the hospital, and paramedics on duty rushed to check on the kitten.

While the kitten was getting checked, the mother cat stood calmly and firmly beside the paramedics. She was given milk and food to feel relaxed and comfy.

Even while the kitten was getting checked by the doctors, mama cat followed her everywhere, never keeping her child out of sight!

The doctors to be on the safer side got the kitten checked by a professional veterinary doctor who confirmed that both the mama cat and her kitten were healthy.

This amusing incident is getting viral on social media, and people are praising the paramedics on duty.

Recently, Tombili (Most popular cat of Istanbul) was honored with its statue after it passed away. Tombili got popular around the world when someone(still unknown) shared his pic in a unique pose on social media.

Due to the lockdown enforced due to coronavirus, several shops, eateries, and restaurants are closed due to which stray animals are facing problems. However, the government, along with NGO’s and volunteers, are feeding the animals in these tough times.

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