June 2, 2020

Hundreds Of Alien Enthusiasts Gathered Outside Area 51, Two Detained

People gather outside area 51
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Over a hundred people showed outside the area 51 base last night after the “Storm Area 51: They can’t stop us all” event became viral. Hundreds of alien enthusiasts, You Tubers, and other young people gathered and started protesting to free the aliens.

According to the local media reports, dozens of police officers were present at the gate of the base to protect it from trespassing. The mood of the officers was light as they talked and cracked jokes with the people.

The gathering was streamed live by several You Tubers in which people were seen camping, partying, wearing Naruto alien dresses, and cracking jokes. In addition, one of the people can be seen waving the North Korean Flag as well.

According to the New York Times, the whole event was “peaceful so far.” Above all, a video of kid Naruto running behind the news reporter is also in rounds in the social media.

The locals assumed concerns about the raid event. Hopefully, no such issue arose. However, two people got arrested for misconduct during the gathering. One of them was a 20-year-old woman who tried to enter the facility. A week ago, two young Dutch You Tubers got arrested and jailed for three days with a penalty of $2300 each for entering the facility.

The event of raiding the facility got shifted to another place and turned into a music festival and was named Alien-stock Music Festival. Moreover, this music festival took place in Downtown Las Vegas and got hosted successfully by Matty Roberts.

How did it all start?

Just a few weeks ago, the whole social media was trending about area 51 memes and jokes. It all started when a funny Facebook event titled –Storm Area 51, created by Matty Roberts, became viral. The purpose of the event was to raid Area 51 and rescue the Aliens on 20th September. Above all, the Facebook event was quite engaging and funny that nearly two million people signed up for it. In addition, many Hollywood stars came forward for their support for this event, as well.

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