June 2, 2020

8 Ways To Start A Positive And Happier Day To Be More Productive In Workplace

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Mornings can be challenging for most people. The lifestyle of people in the 21st century is quite hectic and more virtual. When people wake up, the first they do is check on their smartphones. If you are a working professional or even a student, one should follow a healthy lifestyle. 

Follow these eight habits to start a positive and happier day to be more productive in the workplace –

Wake up early in the morning

The ideal time to wake up in the morning is at 6. Remember to sleep early and take a nap for about 7-8 hours as it is considered healthy. Waking up early in the morning improves your memory retention and keeps you alert all day. It is a renowned fact that successful people are early risers. This is all because they can make more reliable and precise decisions in the morning. Rising early in the morning will give you more confidence to stick to your diet plan and gives you extra time for exercising.

Trade Your Coffee For Green Tea

Drinking coffee in the morning is good though Green tea is better. Coffee makes you addicted to caffeine, which isn’t good for one’s health. Drinking Green Tea will help in your diet plan to reduce weight. It will help people who are worried about their excess body weight. Green tea actively improves the metabolism of the body and helps remove toxic substances from your body because of its bio-active compounds. Moreover, it eliminates the harmful bacteria from the mouth and makes your breath more clear. Above all, Green tea is found to be more effective in lowering the risks of several fatal diseases.

Make A To-Do List

A to-do list frames out the structure of your day and assists in time management. A to-do list makes a person mentally ready and helps prioritize things. One should note down 3-5 tasks that you surely want to get completed. This habit will bring joy and a sense of accomplishment hence giving you more confidence. This small activity will not only help you reduce stress but also will make you feel productive. A to-do list may contain simple chores like reading a book, meditating, cooking your favorite, etc. A to-do list makes things sorted and makes you a good planner and punctual as well.

Eat nutritious and healthy breakfast

Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast is quite vital as it delivers to the body throughout the day. Breakfast not only replenishes the energy but also stores the energy required for metabolism in the body. Light breakfast rich in fibers, vitamins, and proteins is considered to be good. A well-balanced breakfast should include eggs, yogurt, green tea, oats. Berries and nuts.

Meditation is the key to have stress free day.

Doing meditation, especially in the morning, has been proven useful for health. Meditation helps liberate hormones called endorphins, which in turn makes you feel pleasant and stress-free. Meditating roughly 15 minutes in the morning can help you enhance the focusing capability and provides an insight into well being. The clarity and peace one discovers through meditation offers the body with energy to kick-start your day with positivity.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness is essential

Keeping a check on your own health and sanitation is quite vital. It helps the individual to develop discipline and kickstart the day in the right manner. Health and hygiene are much beyond brushing your teeth and taking a shower. 

It also involves –

  • Flossing your teeth
  • Wearing clean clothes every day
  • Washing face with cold water
  • Shaving (whenever you need too)
  • Applying deodorant

Exercise in Morning

Exercising is vital, and it keeps our body fit and healthy. Doing it for about 15 to 20 minutes in the morning is considered to be good. It may involve stretching, jogging, yoga, etc. It helps create an established routine and thus providing you a better mood and energy. Exercising also lowers down your blood pressure, helps reduce excess body fat, and also lowers down the stress levels.

Do something creative

Don’t let the hectic schedule of lifestyle deter you from pursuing your hobbies. Wake early in the morning and do something creative. It can include anything, for example, writing a blog post, swimming, reading a novel, or even capturing nature in the lens. Live your life fully by creating visions and doing something productive.



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