June 2, 2020

5 Steps To Take Care Of Your Cat In This Winter Season

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When it comes to pets, cats are the most extraordinary and incredible species. Cats are little fur-balls who require gentle care and nutritious food to keep them healthy. The furs in her skin are not enough to keep them warm. The average body temperature of cats is around 100 F. Winters are approaching, and its tough time for the stray and domestic felines.

To keep them warm and have the happiest cats in the neighborhood, follow these golden rules to keep them healthy during the winter season –

  • If you spot a stray cat shivering, having shallow breathing and is weak. The chances are that the poor feline must be suffering from hypothermia. Take the cat to the veterinary immediately.

  • Get a warm comfy place for your cat. These small furry balls sleep around 12 to 18 hours a day. Cats take long naps during the winter season. Therefore, make sure to clean their bed/box and keep a blanket inside it. Let them feel warm, safe, and secure.

  • Make sure to feed your cat with nutritious food. Milk, Tuna Fish, Cat foods are the best source of nutrition in Winters to keep their bodies warm. However, don’t overfeed them even if he or she purrs at you again and again.

  • Take your cat to the veterinary doctor twice a year for regular health checkups and vaccinations. They will help you determine the food depending on their optimum weight. Moreover, clean their litter box every day to keep them in a clean environment.

  • Make sure to create a few comfy spots inside and outside your home as cats love freedom. They are intelligent creatures who pick their resting places wisely. Also, make sure that your cat does not get near the fireplace or burning wood. Moreover, purchase a good quality of heating pads, if your cat is senior.

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